Amateur radio operators, or 'hams' as they are often called, are a starnge lot. I'd say at one time amateur radio occupied the attention of society's forward thinkers just as computers do now.

Here are some images of ham gear I have owned over the years.

Bring me back home...

First licensed in 1976 as Novice class Amateur Radio operator WN6PES I am a 99% CW (Morse Code) ham.  I have held the following Amateur Radio call signs:

W6FG is my current station call sign.  I applied for this "vanity call" because the suffix is my father's first and last initial: Francis Guldenbrein.  It's also my middle and last initial and is, as I'm sure you're aware of by now, descriptive of me: Funny Guy.  The '6' specifies that my home station is in the state of California.  The 'W' is one of  several prefixes allocated to the United States for the Amateur Radio Service.  

If you would like to know more about the fascinating world of Amateur Radio or how you can participate I suggest you visit the following link: