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Q & A Table of Contents

1. How do I know you are really who you say you are?

2. Where can I find more information about your friends?

3. Why doesn't your gf run for the hills?

4. Who is that woman you call your daughter ?

5. What is your justification for using this much bandwidth on what you call a website?

6. Why am I wasting my time looking at this dribble when I could be doing something constructive?


1. How do I know... ?

This is a really good question and one that I've asked myself many times in the past... " Just who are you anyway and can you really prove it?" Well, I know where I've been told I was born: Vallejo General Hospital, January 11th, 1948. Harry Truman was president and this was the same year Mahatma Gandhi was murdered, the Hell's Angels were formed, Alice Cooper was born and Orville Wright died. My father was 29, rather on the late side for starting a family, and my mother was 27. He had done his duty as a GI in WWII and now they were ready to live the American Dream.

2. Where can I find ... ?

I'm glad you asked that... and believe me, my friends are really, really interesting! I mean why else would I have these people for friends if it weren't for pure entertainment value? Friends or just plain acquaintances, they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I know I could have just "normal" type folks for friends but what fun would that be really? I seem to have friends that have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with me... They LOVE to HATE me....

3. Why doesn't your gf... ?

This has puzzled, and continues to puzzle, me to no end. You see, I try to show my best side and make things comfortable for us on a daily basis but alas, it seldom works out according to my plans.... She's really very tolerant of my ' idiosyncrasies' and sometimes crazy behavior and as you might guess, this makes me love her all the more... We often say that we need to work on our fighting skills, as that is something I think that most couples have in place. The ability to let off a little steam now and then without the 'other' having to feel persecuted or picked on is an important freedom in a relationship. But as for your question, I just don't know really, I guess you'll just have to ask her yourself.

4. Who is that young woman... ?

She's this super creative source of energy who brings much joy into my life and who lights up the space she's in wherever she is or whoever she's with. She's always curious and inquiring, and just when I think I finally know her for real she comes up with another surprise. She has quite a balancing act really, she has her own life to live, so big and urgent and at the same time she has others around her to take up her attention. She has a boy friend whom she's known for years now and who also very intelligent and ambitious. Then there is the two sets of parents with their expectations and demands on her precious time. 

5. What is your justification... ?

That's difficult to explain but.... this web site was created out of a desire to carve out a small spot in cyberspace in which to display a group of random thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Look around on the following pages and learn what the world looks like through the bespectacled eyes of a 59 year old divorced dad.

6. Why am I ... ?

Well that's for you, the reader, to answer... I've often caught myself staring at the screen longer then I had anticipated. Sometimes I suddenly come to my senses and get up from the computer and go outside to work in the garden or do some "homeowner's yoga". These computers will turn normally well functioning brains into total mush... it could happen to YOU!

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